Introducing ECMR International

Established by Niamh Ní Bhéara in the United Kingdom in 2010, and supported by a core network of trusted associates, ECMR International has a wealth of practical business experience attained directly from front-line roles and senior management positions in multinational blue-chip organisations. In addition to business expertise, we can draw on over 25 years’ experience designing and delivering professional training and development. Named after her three nieces and nephew, ECMR’s name reflects the importance Niamh places on relationships and individuality.

In 2017, ECMR International (Ireland) was established, and operates alongside its sister company. ECMR has an international client base in a range of industries including in Agriculture, Real Estate, Property Assurance, Finance, Logistics, Transportation and Aviation.

Niamh Ní Bhéara

Niamh is an accomplished international businesswoman with over 25 years’ experience in front-line roles and senior management positions for multinational blue-chip organisations. She has lived in a number of European countries and travelled extensively throughout her career. Niamh’s philosophy and approach is grounded in power of positivity and its ability to influence situations. Working frequently with board level and senior management teams, Niamh’s style is structured and organised. Her qualifications in NLP, Applied Neuroscience and Brain and Behaviour Change, combined with her experience, support the positive impact she has on organisational performance and personal growth.

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Focusing on the Extraordinary

Within every organisation lies untapped potential that needs to be discovered, embraced and nurtured. We specialise in helping our international clients improve the leadership and personal skills of their teams. Successful organisations need outstanding leaders who understand how to improve their own performance and how to motivate and engage their teams.

Our expertise in one-to-one coaching and mentoring, management and leadership programmes and short courses helps develop insight, improve confidence, provide a new perspective and build transferable skills. With a motivated and valued workforce, this leads to increased productivity, resulting in lower attrition. We deliver our training and development services in engaging and innovative ways that keeps the attention of our participants, but as much as we help their learning process. Our programmes, courses and one-to-one work hold them accountable for their own development and growth.

Focusing on the Extraordinary is what drives us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We believe every employee has the potential to contribute something special, unique and important. It’s the combination of these diverse qualities that helps drive innovation and improve performance. Whether it is one-to-one coaching or mentoring, or by participating in our training programmes, we help our clients unlock that potential as well showing them how self-imposed limitations can be overcome.