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Focusing on the Extraordinary

Within every organisation lies untapped potential that needs to be discovered, embraced and nurtured. Successful organisations need outstanding leaders who understand how to improve their own performance and how to motivate and engage their teams. We specialise in helping our international clients improve the leadership and personal skills of their teams.

Our expertise in one-to-one coaching and mentoring, management and leadership programmes and short courses helps develop insight, improve confidence, provide a new perspective and build transferable skills. With a motivated and valued workforce, this leads to increased productivity, resulting in lower attrition. We deliver our training and development services in engaging and innovative ways that keeps the attention of our participants, but as much as we help their learning process. Our programmes, courses and one-to-one work hold them accountable for their own development and growth.

Focusing on the Extraordinary is what drives us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We believe every employee has the potential to contribute something special, unique and important. It’s the combination of these diverse qualities that helps drive innovation and improve performance. Whether it is one-to-one coaching or mentoring, or by participating in our training programmes, we help our clients unlock that potential as well showing them how self-imposed limitations can be overcome.

Overview of Service Portfolio

Our training and development services are underpinned by a wealth of business experience, which allows us to truly understand the challenges faced by our clients and deliver the right solution for them. We offer a range of services that support our clients in achieving their objectives.

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Short courses

“Off-the-shelf” or tailored to our clients’ needs, these courses are delivered in a traditional classroom setting by an experienced trainer. These are typically half a day in length, allowing participants to cover two subjects in one day, or have the choice to not be absent from the workplace for an entire day.

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Virtual Training

This is a new and innovative solution we have developed as an alternative to traditional classroom-based training. Adapting our short courses to this live, trainer-led video based modular training, means that clients who have participants based in multiple locations, homebased or who are unable to commit to half day or full day training courses can ensure that a positive learning experience is accessible to all their employees.

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Development Programmes

Under the banner of STEP (Service Through Empowerment Programmes), these range from management and leadership through to employee lifecycle and focus on supporting those employees who have more senior roles in an organisation, and typically manage people directly or indirectly. These Programmes are always tailored to a client’s requirements.

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Our Advisory Services

Services are focused on mentoring and coaching clients (on a one-to-one basis or in groups) to either share tools and knowledge to help our clients grow and help themselves (coaching), or to give our clients the benefit of our expertise and experience to identify solutions to the problems that they are facing (mentoring). We also lead one-off events – projects such as conference organisation and facilitation and executive recruitment – drawing on a wide variety of relevant experience.


Niamh adds great value to organisations working through change by supporting the implementation of new structures and advising on how to get buy-in for new ideas, projects and initiatives. Furthermore, her ability to read and situation and come up with workable solutions has been invaluable to us.


Franchisor, Just Cabins (New Zeland)

One of the things we appreciate is Niamh’s flexibility. This has been demonstrated on a number of occasions throughout STEP (Management Development Programme). Her ability to flex the content to the audience and our business, her ability to change course when needed, dealing with difficult areas or changes in direction and most importantly her positive outlook to always find the best possible solution, is something that we value.


Group CEO, Camgrain (United Kingdom)

I would recommend Niamh to work with business leaders and teams to grow their business through strategy creation, ongoing execution of that strategy, including accountability and sound advice.


CEO Bravesight (New Zealand)

I firmly believe that Niamh combines a complete suite of
qualities that makes her an exceptional person to work with. One of the things I value greatly is her integrity. It is a quality that Niamh has proven to me, time and time again. Her honesty and confidentiality combine to delivery integrity at a level rarely seen these days.


Former CEO Texel Air (Bahrain)

Feedback that we receive from participants in our short courses: