About ECMR International

About Us

Our team of experts have experience drawn from the skills and knowledge developed in a range of tactical front-line and strategic senior management roles in global organisations. In addition to functional business expertise, we have over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering professional training and development programmes and workshops. Our clients come from industries as diverse as agriculture, real estate, finance, logistics, transportation and aviation.

We understand the need for rounded development solutions that support your organisation’s strategic goals.

We are a curious bunch. Our approach is unique because we want to truly understand your business, your people and your organisational culture. With that knowledge, we can tailor the one-to-one coaching or mentoring, leadership development programmes and classroom training that we offer. But we don’t just leave it there. To maximise return on investment, we provide invaluable follow-up and offer ongoing support based on individual needs.

Our Team

ECMR International Limited was founded by Niamh Ní Bhéara in 2010. Niamh has extensive business knowledge and a true passion for problem-solving and helping people. This led to the creation of a unique business consultancy specialising in her core competencies and passions of coaching and people development. Reflecting the importance Niamh places on relationships, ECMR was named using the initials of her three nieces and nephew!

The company is based in the UK, but it is truly international. Niamh works both remotely and face-to-face with clients in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and USA. She’s supported by exceptional business partners who complement Niamh’s expertise and add to the depth of ECMR’s Services.

We have a core team supported by a network of trusted associates who deliver the highest quality coaching and development. This enables us to cherry-pick talent for each individual client solution.

Niamh Ni Bhéara - Managing Director

Niamh is an accomplished international businesswoman with over 25 years’ experience in front-line roles and senior management positions for multinational blue-chip organisations. Niamh’s philosophy and approach is grounded in power of positivity and its ability to influence situations. Working frequently with board level and senior management teams, Niamh’s style is structured and organised. Niamh places a high value on building positive working relationships and thrives on the impact her contribution makes to improving performance and personal growth.

Viki Johnston - Head of Learning and Development

Viki is a learning and development consultant who specialises in the development and delivery of talent development programmes. With a background in aviation security, she is also expertly placed to support industries working under legislative restrictions. Viki firmly believes that fully engaged leaders will not only support the development of their team members, but actively engage in the process of understanding and addressing individual as well as collective needs. Viki works with Niamh to design engaging and innovative solutions to meet our customer’s development requirements.

Chloe Michel - Marketing Consultant

Chloe is a senior marketing consultant. Her expertise lies in marketing strategy and quality content creation. She has experience working for B2B and B2C blue-chip companies, a national PR agency, communications/design agencies and a business consultancy. Chloe develops and implements marketing strategies across the marketing mix. In addition, to supporting ECMR’s marketing activities, Chloe also works with our customers to guide the marketing elements of projects Niamh leads under our Mentoring and Coaching Services.

  • We are results-focused - solution-driven and positive.

  • We are passionate – exceeding customers' expectations.

  • We are innovative – thinking differently to find effective solutions.

  • We are agile – adapting and responding to changes in projects and requirements.

  • Most of all, We Deliver!

Our Extraordinary Approach

We want you to be extraordinary, but we can’t do that without first making sure that we are the best we can be; ourselves! Our work embodies the passion we have for developing people and our strong belief in the correlation between valuing and investing in employees and success in business. Here’s what makes us special:

An organisation’s strength lies in the ability of its people to build great relationships. We believe that building relationships with clients, partners and teams supports effective communication and trust. When you truly have great relationships, you can achieve faster and more effective results.

Our inquisitive minds, listening skills and talent of asking the right questions ensure we truly gain an in-depth understanding of clients and what they need. Only then are we in a position to start tackling the task of working with you to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Return on investment
Our clients work closely with us not only to provide guidance, but to help them create a legacy. We’re 100% focused on the value we add to our client's organisation through embedding learning. We assess the usage of skills and look at metrics that the organisation needs to improve. Our professional approach is based on individual needs.

Transference and Follow-up
Between the classroom and real world there’s a transference gap, which is tricky to bridge. We provide one-to-one support and post development follow-up to support this process. People become extraordinary when they are clear about what needs to change, engage with that understanding and then connect this to organisational and personal values.

Common Sense
We believe that common sense and a temperate approach goes a very long way in a highly complex world. A healthy dose of both helps our clients look at issues from a different perspective and draw valuable insights to take back to the workplace.

Every part of our work is focused on achieving long term goals and keeping a steady focus on business strategy. We get results by looking at the influences fighting against change and creating development plans that focus on the behaviour that needs to change. We aim to help people embed their learning on a daily basis and our coaching and development provides highly transferable and innovative strategies.